DESSO Refinity®

In 2008, Desso developed an innovative separation technique called Refinity®, which enables us to separate the yarn and other fibres from the backing, thereby producing two main material streams which can be recycled. After an additional purification stage, the yarn (with the required purity) is returned to the yarn manufacturer for the production of new yarn. In the entire process, some virgin material is needed to compensate for losses and process inefficiency. For Polyamide 6 yarn, this process takes place at Aquafil[MV1] ; one of our yarn suppliers. Aquafil has developed proprietary technology at its regeneration plant to turn recovered post-consumer polyamide 6 carpet fibres into new polyamide 6 again and again.

The polyolefin based layer of our EcoBaseTM backing is 100% safely recyclable in our own production process, whereas the bitumen backing (used in most carpet tiles in Europe presently) is reused in the road industry. All non-recyclable fractions will be used as secondary fuel in the cement industry.

We need to give serious thought to which materials are used in carpets today, and how we can recover them tomorrow. At Desso we want to ensure that the material stream never ends. It’s all about having non-toxic material flows and using sustainable energy to achieve this. This results in a technical cycle.